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Please read all the following info carefully!
**You must be 19+ by the show date
(Early May 2024) to audition. 

WHEN: Sunday, September 17, 2023 

WHERE: STU campus - James Dunn Hall (bottom floor)


Vocal registration 12:00 pm

Dance registration 2:30 pm

One day only for auditions


**PLEASE NOTE - All singers are also required to stay for a dance audition. 


Note for everyone

Please bring music for your songs. If you play guitar and want to play for yourself you can, otherwise please bring karaoke tracks. We will have a speaker that you can plug a phone into and a computer if the tracks are on a jump drive.  DO NOT RELY ON YOUTUBE. The internet connection is notoriously bad in our audition rooms. Come prepared. 

As per usual, all singers will also be required to learn a short dance routine after their vocal audition.

If you have been a singer in the show within the last 5 years

you must pick one “own choice” song to audition with. Show us something we haven’t heard or seen you do before, highlight the best qualities of your voice, or show us an area that you have improved in. Please bring music, no acapella singing. 

If you have never auditioned for vocals before or it has been more than 5 years

Pick a song of your own choice to perform AS WELL AS one song from a list below. If you would prefer to sing a song from the list below in a key other than what is provided below, you must bring the track in the correct key with you (see note above for music).

Fever  - Peggy Lee

Original -

Karaoke -

Pride and Joy

Original -

Karaoke -

Welcome to Burlesque

Original -

Karaoke -


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No preparation needed.

You will be shown a short dance routine to learn. Please come dressed to move. 

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